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themusicinus_rp's Journal

The Music In Us - A High School Musical Roleplay
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High School Musical Role Play

1. In order for you to become your favorite high school musical character you must first fill out the application. Once it's filled out and posted on the application post, a mod will either approve or disprove your application.
2. Once you are accepted you must create a journal that reflects the personality of your character and all of the userpics must be of that character.
3. Post all your entries here on the community.
4. Original Characters are accepted.
5. Please don't use internet lingo such as "LOL" or "LMAO". This is a RP written in the third person.
6. This RP is rated M, if you don't like it you can leave.
7. If you have any questions contact one of the mods.

Gentle Reminders
- All post must have tags and be put under friends only.
- All post and comments must have at least 5 sentences.
- Please contact the mods if you're going on a hiatus.
- This is starting during their summer break at lava springs


Gabriella Montez as mrstroybolton
Sharpay Evans as sharpaystarlet
Troy Bolton as [ open for casting ]
Chad Danforth as cdanforth
Taylor Mckessie as tmckessie
Kelsi Nielson as [ open for casting ]
Jason Cross as [ open for casting ]
Zeke Baylor as [ open for casting ]
Ryan Evans as jazzsquarestar

Original Characters
James Marcus III as toorichforu
Torrance Sedaris as shakemypoms
Nathaniel Curtis as nathanielcurtis
Kristi Cameron as slamminkristi
Nick Grey as thatsjusttheway
Shakira Olson as kiraishere